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Quote: Gattling Guns Akimbo?



Country: Netherlands
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Hobbies: Gaming, Drawing,Enjoying Music, Biology, Science
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The Formula why sportsmen get fat salaries:
Knowledge is power, and power corrupts. Corruption=Evil and crime is evil.
Crime doesn't pay.


My name would be CorruptLombax, Complete nutcase extraordinaire, SirSweetroll of Cupcake Kingdom, Fidgel The One Who Discovered The Maiz Prairie ruins, and most of all, Morgan the Rogue Archer.

I might be 13 years old, but I might behave beyond…. that age.(or not… for certain moments :3) (wait, thats a moustace, oh well, i haz one)

Mostly i spend my time playing RPG's Drawing, or listen to my favourite Composers, FE: Hans Zimmer.

If you wish to Add me on Mabinogi EU (need Eu, else you won't get in…. (unlesss we use that… Proxy method))

My Favourite music genres are (I need a huge list for my fav music groups), Orchestra, Hybrid, Industrial and Rock