Ratchet and Clank:Dreadzone 2 - Chapter 3

Chapter 3:The Containment Suite

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Author: Vox789

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Clank looked around the Containment Suite,waiting for Ratchet.

Then,Ratchet suddenly appeared beside Clank.

"Wow,it is so crazy and psycotic here.I can't believe I get to be a professional gladiator again."

"Please,Ratchet.Just focus.This is an illegal combat sport.There is no time for playing around.Now why don't you go meet Bob over at the other side.I think he has something for you."

The loudspeaker turned on.

"Welcome hero to the Containment Suite.This is where you will relax and prepare to fight in the arena.Now hero,rest up,because tomorrow is your big day to shine.And no attempting to escape.We have cameras everywhere.We will detonate your collar."

The loudspeaker turned off.

"You think I already knew that?"

No answer.

Ratchet ran over to the other side of the Containment Suite and met up with Bob.

"Hey,Bob.What's up?"

"Oh nothing,pardner.I just got these two battle bots that were with a former contestant who came to a gruesome and painful death."

"You can call me Pierce.His name is Blue."

"Hi sir.How are you?"

"But from what I rememeber,buddy boy,that contestant died fighting Captain Sprocket."

"I just can't look at that anymore.It gives me nightmares."

"Come on,Blue,stop being a wuss."

"Just enter a few battles and I may be able to upgrade your Combat Bots.When you want to upgrade them,just come see me."

"Thanks Bob.Now it's time to kick some a**!"

As Ratchet went to go visit Clank,Pierce and Blue chatted with each other.

"What kind of combat have you seen,Blue?"

"Ah,well,you know,regular combat.Guns,bombs,shells,the usual."

"Clank,what is this place?"

"This is the Mission Monitor.Gleeman Vex assigns one contestant to watch over the contestant that's fighting."

The screen turned on,showing Gleeman Vex.

"Come on,Deadmeat,enough blabbering.you're next in the arena after Venus,which won't be much longer now."

"Ratchet,I will try to give you advice any way as possible."

"Thanks Clank."

The loudspeaker turned on again.

"Hero,please report to the Arena this instant.Failure to obey will result in extermination."

The loudspeaker turned off.

Ratchet ran over to the shuttle,ready for his first arena battle.

End of Chapter 3.

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