Thread: Favourite Weapons in Ratchet and Clank

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What are your favourite weapons to use in the first Ratchet and Clank?

Here are my favourites:

Tesla Claw
Visbomb Gun

Even if the weapons weren't upgradable at all in this game (except the golden weapons, if that counts), but they were fun to use anyway. emoji

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I remember being rather fond of the Tesla-claw and the Devastator emoji but I also thought the visibomb was a lot of fun too. But when they were in R&C2, they were so weak that they weren't as fun as they should have been in the first game, except the RYNO 2 :S (the ones that made it to R&C2 anyways)

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It was a shame that the R&C1 weapons that appeared in Going Commando were quite a disappointment. If they had a upgradable component in the second game, they would probably be more enjoyable to use. Well, they did had a Mega-Upgrade in challenge mode, but in my opinion, there's really no point to get those weapons.

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Yeah, they just felt very weak to use in the 2nd game :/ at least they fixed that problem when they introduced some R&C2 weapons to R&C3, even the suck cannon got a good upgrade for that =P.

I totally agree with you two there about the weapons from the first R&C are not as much fun in the second R&C

my fave weapons are

glove of doom
suck cannon
RYNO 1 (best weapon ever)

I enjoyed the Pyrociter, until I got the gold version which had an ugly green flame. So now I like the Tesla Claw. emoji


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RYNO V never appeared in the FIRST Ratchet and Clank game. Please think of what you're going to write before you actually submit your post to the thread.

These are my favorite weapons:

Visibomb Gun
Bomb Glove
Glove of Doom
Tesla Claw
Decoy Glove
Mine Glove

I wasn't too fond of the R.Y.N.O because it was so strong that it took a lot of the fun away,but if it was upgradable,I would only use it until it is fully upgraded.

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I suppose I liked the RYNO since it made the Drek bossfight a lot easier emoji but yeah true, the problem with most RYNO's is that they're too overpowered and take away a lot of the fun after a while. But I still liked the first RYNO.

I always liked the Morph-O-Ray. Too bad the bosses couldn't turn into giant obese chickens… emoji
Tesla Claw and the Glove of Doom are my other faves.

I always liked the Morph-O-Ray. Too bad the bosses couldn't turn into giant obese chickens… emoji

I agree I wish the bosses could turn into giant chickens in that game I'd lol my butt off but then again they could try to eat you if that happens since they be bigger then you and sees you as lunch I like the glove of doom as well

I liked the visbomb,Devastator,Bomb glove,Ryno,and the Glove of doom

I liked the weapons from ratchet and clank 1 Because they costed less bolts than the other games of ratchet and clank including the R.Y.N.O

*telsa claw
*glove of doom
*of course,the R.Y.N.O

All these weapons I listed ACTUALLY HELPED ME beat the game.When I FINALLY got the R.Y.N.O I didn't have any problems with the sentry bots anymore.

The tesla claw and the devastator.

The devastator is my favorite because it has a big explosion bigger than the R.Y.N.O (actually i dont know why it had a bigger explosion) and its like a sniper it has great range.

The tesla claw because u can hit enemies from your left without turning around.