Thread: The Trespasser

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Did any of you guys enjoyed the Trespasser mini-games in the first game? or did you find it to be rather annoying?

I thought this was the most annoying mini-game gadget in the Ratchet and Clank series ever, but it was certainly not the worst. The earlier puzzles when you obtain this gadget were straight forward and not that difficult to do. Quite fun in my opinion. But, doing later puzzles were downright confusing and a pain in the rear.

Therefore, it was okay, but I found it pretty annoying to use this gadget.

So what are your thoughts about using the Trespasser?

Liked it? Or hated it?

I didn't actually mind the trespasser or the hacker, I found them easy enough, but they were nothing compared to *shudders* the Decryptor in TOD, I hated that with a passion, lol

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This one I also found to be a little annoying, but not extremely difficult though :P but yeah, I remember going "aww damn, another one…" but they're not too bad I think XD

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My problem with the Trespasser was that it wasn't an exciting gadget to use. It didn't felt that active compared to some of the other lock system gadgets in other Ratchet games such as the Hacker in UYA or the frustrating Decryptor in TOD. emoji

If the device had a bit of a time limit aspect to it, I would of enjoyed the Trespasser a bit more. But then again, perhaps adding a time limit would probably be more frustrating to do, especially for the Trespasser locks that takes a while to unlock.

in UYA the hacker was annoying but the tresspasser was a wonderful brain teaser lol though when i was playin this at 6 years old i didnt enjoy theyre teasing XD (yea ive been playin since 6 yrs old ^^)

Tresspasser was O.K. Not so good as electrolyzer or Infiltrator, but not as bad as Hacker.

i liked it when i was playing the first game because it was easy
but it wasnt has fun as hacker and electroyzer or even decreptor

I didnt mind the trespasser. It made me laugh sometimes, when i just went crazy turning those things in random directions and eventually got the right solution emoji

I never was annoyed by it, like in some OTHER puzzles emoji like the Decryptor or the Hacker.

I wished the decryptor ball wasnt contolled by sixaxis, that would make it alot easier.

I remembered i was stuck on the last hacker puzzle on Daxx for AGES!! So long that my brain recognized what comes after Daxx as the "new part of RaC 3" and what comes before as the "old part of RaC"

Then, one day i went tom my friend, who was stuck on that planet too, and i made the puzzle on my first try emoji

So i went home and was able to make itemoji

I found the decryptor easier, especially when i found the secret to beating it. When you get the ball i the right position to connect the circuits or whatever, hold down the x button to hold it in place so it doesn't mess up.


Aww thanx for telling me that after i almost destroyed my PS3 because it was so frustrating emoji

Nah just kidding, that was mean emoji

No i really didnt know that.. but thanks anyways, but did they tell you somewhere in the game or is it a secret?

I don't remember it saying anything in the game about it, I just gave it a try just for the heck of it because I knew there had to be an easier way to get it to work and it did. Kind of one of those like if you just randomly guess at a cheat code that is not posted online somewhere and it works. I had that happen on another game once before and to this day that cheat code is not posted anywhere and that was over ten years ago. Anyway, that's another story for another time.

Yes, I too (the great and mighty ratchetruler) did not know of this x holding thing. Makes it all SOO much easier emoji

Ah i like sintaxis but in RandC it was not good…
I just went to the options menu and turend it out. that makes the decryptor a lot easier!

And for the trespasser. It was a gadget i liked since i feel every kinda hack gadget is hard. the reason i like the trespasser is the possbility of having a image guide here on RG. that's seriously awesome!

it was what i just said. but anyway. you could turn it back again anytime in the game!