Thread: The Trespasser

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Yeah the Hacker was a real pain though im glad if your move ontoa level and die you dont have to start at level 1 again

..or when you spend hours on it and all it does is send you to a room with some Bolts an you didn't have to do it at all! emoji

I don't mind the Hacker. Provided your quick on the buttons, I use the D-pad to steer the turret, it's not a real problem.

I'm not bad at it, in fact i'm really good at it! I've played all the games enough to get good at all the puzzles. But no matter how good you are at the Hacker, it takes forever and is just plain boring. If it takes more than a few seconds to complete it's going to really take you out of the game. Ruins speedruns too. You can't just rocket through all the levels, having a ripping great time because you're going to be stopped in your tracks by this infernal mini-game!

Did any of you guys enjoyed the Trespasser mini-games in the first game? or did you find it to be rather annoying?

I thought this was the most annoying mini-game gadget in the Ratchet and Clank series ever, but it was certainly not the worst. The earlier puzzles when you obtain this gadget were straight forward and not that difficult to do. Quite fun in my opinion. But, doing later puzzles were downright confusing and a pain in the rear.

Therefore, it was okay, but I found it pretty annoying to use this gadget.

So what are your thoughts about using the Trespasser?

Liked it? Or hated it?

Personally I thought it was really easy.It was the GC one that I hated emoji