Thread: Would You Want a Protopet?

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If Protopets ever existed, would you ever like to keep one in your house?

Of course, nobody doesn't want a Protopet that goes ape mad and starts turning into a scary monster like in Going Commando, but with it's true behavior of innocence and cute appearance, would you still like to keep one?

I'm not entirely sure if keeping one would be my cup of tea. When I took a glance at these things in the game, I thought to myself that these seem to look like Blue Furbies to me, but at least they're more appealing and adorable than Furbies. So my decision would probably be no. Something about them looks cute, but at the same time, I might be annoyed by them.

Plus, if I owned one and didn't care of it one bit, it would probably eat me since I can be quite lazy sometimes in taking care of a pet. It'll be happy if I play with the creature, but the one thing that I would lack in taking care of the Protopet would be the feeding since I don't do that job when I take care of my dog.

So what are your thoughts about Protopets?

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hehe well that's interesting XD

But yeah it would be funny to see what they're like in real life but man, they have a very rapid breeding cycle so I'm sure they'll get out of hand a bit too quickly, they don't even have genders too XD!

So I probably wouldnt want one, but it would be funny to baby sit one for a day and see how that goes…. emoji probably have 30 by the end of the day XD

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Would they still breed rapidly, even if their out of controlled behavior was solved in the end of Going Commando? emoji

Well whether they have been fixed or not, either way I will still not keep one in my home.

I wouldn't mind taking care of one, but I will have some strange vibe that it may not turn out well when the job is over.

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Hehe I'm not sure if their breeding problem was fixed or not, hopefully it was but at least their vicious problem was corrected XD

lol that would be fun but I don't think I want a pet that spits out loads of babies from it's mouth besides I have 3 pets in the house already emoji

Ofcourse…y.e.aa…..NO! What a shamed end - to be killed by flyffy pillows emoji

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Hmm yeah, and I already have a kitten (who is almost fully grown cat) and a dog, I don't think they'd get along well with a Protopet XD

I would never want a Protopet because first off,I'm not good at taking care of pets.Second off,I may not be able to leave the house to go anywhere even if their rapid breeding cycle wasen't fixed,I would have about 200 when I come back from the store. emoji

And also,I think they constantly have to eat,but I believe that problem was also fixed.But if it wasen't,I would probably be eaten once I get the pet. emoji

So overall,I would never want a Protopat in my home.

I know i wouldn't want a protopet because feed it enough and it would most likly bite my hole head off!

"Oh no. No,no. Take it away!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Thats what Billy said, and thats what i´ll probably say. I HATED it to kill those furry MONSTERS!!! emoji(

No. they remind me too much of cookie monster…

Which gotta remind me of the "cookies mystery"…

Oddly enough, they remind me of the Furby toy from the late 90s.
Odder still, I once had a dream where a Furby attacked me. emoji

… coincidence? emoji

… and yet, I think I wouldn't mind having one around.


HELL YES!!!!! emoji emoji emoji

if they get hungry, then can eat their kids!

think about it… they make their own food. Just get them a taste for protopet, and your set for life!

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if they get hungry, then can eat their kids!

think about it… they make their own food. Just get them a taste for protopet, and your set for life!

They're like the alien versions of guinea pigs and rats! emoji

but they dont need restrooms!

so better! emoji