Thread: Does Anyone Here Have Pets?

We've got 2 cats: Binkie (Dutch for Tough Guy) and Sheba.
And a dog, Beau, funny thing is, my nickname is Mo and even my mom calls me like that, so i can get these ackward situations where i hear Mo but my mom means Beau emoji .

Sheba? Cool name, but in Korean it is… Best not tranzlated XD

I've got a lot of pets:
Alas, few bulldogs(It's not my favorite race, but my Moms! I'm mad at it, but hope I'll have some better pet in my house in the future.), 3 shih-tsus, 2 west highalnd white terriers, 2 beagles, 1 Jack Russel terries, 1 Chinese crested dog, 1 chihuahua, 2 hybrid dogs, 3 cats and few horses.
I just love all animals(except spiders, because I hate them!)!!!!

Deleted user

I have a dog called Ratchetemoji

I'm making the photos of my pets and other animals!
Just visit my profile on Deviant Art;D!
Hope you're gonna love them;3!

I have a girl cat called patch, she is black and white. her nose has a black patch on it and the rest is pink. she also has black and white paw pad too

I have a dog( German Shephard). His name is jacky. He is well groomed,vaccinated and healthy dog. He is fully trained dog.