Thread: Your Likes and Dislikes in Going Commando

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What did you liked and disliked about Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando? You will not be judged about your opinions here. emoji

Here are my likes and dislikes about the game…

The Likes

1. Variety of Gameplay
Things like battle arenas, racing, spaceship missions, leveling up weapons, crystal searching and bolt and nano-tube collecting really keeps you play this game even further.

2. The Story
From all the Ratchet and Clank games that have came out on the PS2, this had the most well thought out storytelling in the game. I liked how each segment was different from the last with some surprising moments that you wouldn't expect to see, especially the identity of the Thief. emoji

3. The Unlockables and Bonus Content
Like Ratchet and Clank 1, I love the videos, images and other fun content you can unlock once you complete to do certain tasks in the game like skill points for example

4. The Bouncer
The Bouncer = A very useful weapon

5. The Insomniac Museum
From all the Insomniac Museums that have appeared for this game franchise, I like the design of the Museum in Going Commando the most. The tone and atmosphere of the museum does look like an actual interior of a work building. Plus it feels quite surreal once Ratchet appears into it.

6. The Jak and Daxter references
I liked how it provided some cameos and jokes from Naughty Dog's Jak and Daxter series, especially one cutscene where Ratchet and Clank does the victory fanfare dance from Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.

The Dislikes

1.The Supporting Cast
Don't get me wrong, there were some characters that were great and charming in this game, but I found that a lot of them were just tossed away to the side and not the memorable throughout the gameplay. Fizzwidget, The Thug Leader and of course Angela Cross were probably the most memorable characters in the supporting cateogry.

2. The Spaceship Gameplay
The design and layout does look cool but somehow, I seem to have trouble with these kind of missions. It takes me a while to get used to the controls of these ship missions overall.

3. The Modifications for your Weapons
I don't think these things make your weapons any stronger. End of Discussion.

4. The World Levels
Liked I've mentioned about the supporting cast of characters in this game, I also have mixed feelings for the level layouts in Going Commando. Some of them are fun to explore with so much activities to do and great visual direction from point A to point B. the other half however, looks not as spectacular as we've seen in the first Ratchet and Clank game.

That's all I got for now, but I'm sure I'm missing a chunk of other things to talk about for this Ratchet game.

Well The Lock on Weapon upgrade was very useful! Especially for the Lava Gun!

But yea as for stuff I liked and stuff I was not so into…

The Galaxy!
By this I mean the way that Megacorp owns the galaxy, and any compeditors will be eliminated. Plus the way the Thugs come into it all!

The weapons!
No matter what you bring out of your ENORMOUS arsenal you will get something cool, and fun to use! (oh and something thats got enough power to eliminate all those who dare step to close)

The levels!
Yea I liked every single one of them! They all had a new massive enviroment, with all sorts of cool (but deadly in thier own way) enimies

As you said I really like the gameplay as well! Races, obstical courses, space missions and all those collectables!

Nothing really, yea they did just drop all these cool characters, but I think it was so that they could bring back the ones from R&C1

Well I really liked a LOT of things in this game like: The levels, the music, weapons etc.
But I really hated: the hoverbike races, the space battles (really annoying…!!!!) the Glider session at Dobbo and Grelbin!!! (nerve-breaking!!!) that's it! emoji

I hate the BIG robot battle with the thugs for less guy

the weps tended to have crappy or kick butt upgrades there was no im the middle like UYA iam thankful insomniac kept faithful to the 3 part setup of RandC (if you look closely as you play youll see the game has 3 sets easy medium and hard set on the first game the easy sectors boss was umbris then gemlik then veldin). as i said in previous posts the support cast were half half. the plot and planet design were beautiful.

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Top 5 things I liked:

5- RPG Elements: I just love how you are like the weakeast thing in the universe when you start of but at the end you're unstopable

4- Plot Twists at every corner: If you played GC you know what I'm talking about.

3- Hoverbike Races: Fast paced and Action packed, much better than the Hoverboards.

2- Better Combat: Things like the strafe and backflips were really helpfull.

1- The Space Combat: I'm still waiting for a R&C game based on these sections, so awesome.

Top 5 things I disliked:

5- Pay to continue the Story: This was something that really bugged me in the 1st game, you're getting money for a weapon and then, Random Guy:"Pay me 10k bolts and I'll give you something". Thank god this was not in UYA.

4-Unnintresting characters.

3- The Yetis: So ANNOYING

2- Clank Sections: They were just, boring

1- This one was hard but I say Having to search for those Nano-Boosts.

I love this:

I love this:

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I Liked the bouncer and the gadgets .  i didn't like ship combat and the clank levels  .