Thread: The Liveliness and Beauty in R&C Future

i really like the Hoolefoids, n i think there awsome!! because it the first game were there is a species with there own planet/ island an its got a ace feel to the place , like a min town.
and its aswome that the graphics are good on the villagers and house and the genreal game!!

but i agree that there are plenty of races that dont get enough attention, and names and are forgotten and never seen again!! because i quite liked the the orange guys! in R&C tools of destruction but i forgot there names that mine gelatomiun on sargasso , (and also skid is the same race as the plumber by the way) and how they were forgotten!?

thats what i wish they had done on the early games on ps2. because you just ravle around planets with nobody else to see! apart form main characters and guys that u buy stuff off to progress through the game!

but thats why i love the new games on ps3 because they put more people and have them inhabiting hole planets, and also hole villages and towns that are filled with people! which makes it awsome because it realistic but also not a lonely galaxy emoji

if you have comments plz post them and let me knwo what you think ?!
what I have just talked about is a hole different issue but if anyone wants ill make another one to discuss that.

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ok dude thanks, I knw! but it didnt let me edit it just posted it!!
btu what are your thoughts about the thread?!

I havn't played any of the Ps3 games so I can't really comment, but the cut scenes look pretty epic!

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I'm not really following what this thread is about. You seem to jump from one topic to another about your discussion and the title of this thread isn't clear to understand what you are trying to discuss.

Are you talking about the Holofoids? Because we already have a topic about them in the Q4B section.

But at the same time, you are discussing about other R&C games than just Quest 4 Booty. Well by the looks of the comments here so far, I'm going to move this to the General Discussions only because this thread is about comparing the liveliness and vibe between the PS3 and PS2 Ratchet games.

So therefore, thread moved.

its because i didnt really intend this to be a thread it posted by acident , n i was tryin to reply to the quest of booty species thread lol , it just got a tad confusing m n it posted by acident

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Basically you accidentally pressed the new thread button instead of the reply button.
Well, we've done some mistakes here before in this forum so you're not the only one that messed this up badly. I suggest next time you should think before what you are doing when it comes to posting, making new threads or anything actions you do in life. emoji

I guess we can still keep this thread open for those who want to discuss the environments and vibe between the PS2 and PS3 Ratchet games.

Yes they did have storys for every enimy and race didn't they? The Krchu (yellow/orange guys you were talking about) were great at buildin' stuff but they will kill any outsider who wanders onto thier turf! Well exept for yours truly o' course emoji And the Drophyds (or however they are spelt) that were Miserable little creatures from planet Zaurik, Tachyon brought thier loyalty with Raritanium and recruited them for his own personal army. Not like in R&C1 or 2 how the enimies were just murderous robots, brutal thugs, Mindless Blarg or some random Alien!

And the more friendly ones like Holefoids (as you said) Vullards, Terachnoids and Fongoids (Agorians and Valkarys (yea i'm a horrible speller emoji ) sometimes) Oh and about the Plumber and Skidd thing… I'm afraid they aren't the same speicies. Simmilar YES but not the same. Skidd is a part of a race from planet Rilgar that has no official name? But this is obvios by looking at the Bouncer, Skidd, Hoverboarding girl & the racers. One race, one planet. And on the other hand there is the plumber's race. No official name either? But the Plumber was from Novalis and that IS his home planet. Because as he said there were no escape transports left for him because he wasn't ritch enough. And more proof is that the Novalis Chairman is clarely the same. Perhaps the two different races have evolved from one? Or might be cousins? Like humans and monkeys emoji

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