Thread: R&C: Q-force (FFA in the US) on PSVita

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Santa has been mean lately, I had nothing last year… nor the year before that.

What a mean Santa that is idd. Maybe he's saving up to get you a PS4!

I think he's just waiting until I start hunting for a job.

Hey everyone! Did you know that in only 2 or 3 days you will be able to actually play Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault on your PS Vitas!?

But that's not all! There is a new free map and game mode coming soon as well. Molonoth Fields and Full Frontal Assault mode. FFA mode is basically FFA mode from start to finish. And so you could imagine it wont be easy at all!

But that's not all! (again) There will be two new skin packs coming soon. A Crack in Time and All 4 One. If you go into FFA right now you can apparently see what skins are contained in these packs. Oh and once you know, could you please come back and tell me?

But that's not all! They also mentioned that Deadlocked HD is making good progress, and won't be long now!

But that's no- oh wait, it actually is all. Oh well, that's more than enough news.

Did you know FFA for Vita is out? There already are gameplay videos:

Well, in graphical case, it's a portable console, althrough Size Matters looked better compared to PS2 games than this compared to FFA on PS3. It's also full of slowdowns and lags. The steering have also changed - I don't remember how, but hoover boots are now on one of the front buttons. And there's no 2v2 mode. Only two players at a time. Fortunatly, both of the DLC maps are included (I don't have a Vita, i've just read and saw that in the internet). Is it what people were waiting for these last few months?

Slowdowns and lags, huh? Does that count for the campaign too?

Okay, today I bought R&C: Q-Force (FFA for NA), for PS3 and get PSVita for free. And then played the first level on PS3 and then PSVita. Well, you can see graphical changes from the gecko, but is not like PSP or PS1 graphics like everybody said. Yes the textures and kinda meh, but the polygons-wise is very good to a game that have a lot of action and motion.

I don't know it is from the 300mb update I received when I installed the game but, until now I haven't got any slowdown whatoever in the game. Yes, it's 25-30 fps but it's constant.

For a game with so much motion and action, the framerate not being fixed (Most Ratchet games are pretty well fixed) can cause some seriously bad impressions. Some people get better luck than others though (if the planets are all aligned).

I guess the main thing to remember is that, the PS Vita is capable of so much more than we are getting with FFA on Vita. I mean after playing Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Killzone and Teraway R&C:FFA does look bad. And yes, that is because it's a port, and Sony are not known for allowing enough time and money on their ports.

The limitation from 2v2 to 1v1 on online competitive should have been expected though, as all games seem to have greatly reduced pvp battles. But hey, it's pretty good for a portable console.

You can say it isn't absolutely dreadful. But you know it is a bad port.

I'm really happy to see R&C titles being released on Vita too I may some day get a vita.