Thread: Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus

Dunno, man, I'm not feeling interested in ItN

And did you hear Vitti's tease about it emoji

Youp, kind of suspected it could be from the PS4 game… Well, it sure teases an epic opening emoji

Might want to use it in my vid…just for…research purposes emoji

And weird since they decided to use cut content of an aready released game.
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Well…this is interesting emoji

Wait, so we can buy PS3 games and play them on our PS4?

EDIT: currently only available in the UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands? Well, I will wait patiently for your move, PS Asia.

Yes and no. The service is Playstation Now that allows you to stream a selection of PS3 game on many devices (PS3, PS4, PSV, PS TV, Bravia TVs and some Samsung Smart TVs.
So you can buy the game (or rent since I don't know if you can actually buy) and then stream it, and that's why it requires about a minimum of 5Mpbs I think, in order to have a stable experience.

Ah, I see. Well, what a shame that we can't buy those games. Because I'd really love to play ACiT on my PS4. Hope Sony releases a remaster for the Future saga, like what they did to the three PS2 games.