Thread: What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

I just finished my MGS marathon (by marathon I mean MGS1-MGS4).
Pretty proud that I did a complete stealth run of all of them.

Playing them all back to back was, well…

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Nice! I was horrible at the stealth in MGS3. Either I'm doing something really wrong or it's actually really hard.

A fellow intern was playing GZ on his laptop. I seemed pretty sweet, but I kept telling myself: Don't look, don't look. It's only a 2 hour game, you'll spoil everything.

You have to get used to it. I was horrible at the game too, in fact I was so bad that I thought the game sucked…
I just got good somehow though, maybe thanks to Peace Walker.

Again, there's really no plot to GZ (in fact Kojima spoiled the entire game in a trailer)

Please play Presentable Liberty.
It's a great "game" (you don't really do a lot of playing, only watch the story unfold), it's only 1 hour long so it won't eat up too much of your time and it's free.
In my opinion it's something that should be experienced by everybody as it raises some very interesting questions about life.
Don't be turned off by the simplistic graphics, the game is simply amazing as it is.

Currently playing Persona Q; Its a lot of fun, which is good because since its a non-canon fanservice-y type game, there is virtually no character development and the cast themselves are reduced to their most archtypical qualities. But like I said the game makes up for that in great gameplay.

Other games I am currently playing because I am always playing them are Mario Kart 8, Puzzle & Dragons, and WWE SuperCard.

Dragon Age: Inquisition. I'm 25 hours in. Still think Dragon Age 2 is the best one.emoji

Saints Row IV.

Resistance 3 (almost finished) and Far Cry 4 (somewhere in the middle)

I've been playing LittleBigPlanet 3 and Driveclub. I got Driveclub for free, so I figured I had better try it out, even though I suck at racing games. But my experiences with CTR and LBPK might come in handy emoji

The Talos Principle, it's a fun puzzle game full of secrets, but I wouldn't recommend playing it for hours on end as the lack of action may begin to bore you after a while, also after beating the game I was sent back to the beginning of the game which is ass because the game has multiple endings.

Lately I've been playing GTA V for PS4. I recently finished the main story missions and just have the side missions to do.
I also like to just mess around and blow things up in GTA emoji

I've been playing Watch_Dogs, and I really am enjoying it a lot more than I expected. I never really followed it that closely until it came out and everyone was saying it looked terrible, has a poor main character, ran poorly and the car gameplay was rubbish. I have found the exact opposite. It looks stunning, runs really well, has a really neat story with some decent gameplay and fun car-driving. I especially like that 90% of the scenery lying around can just be rammed through, and that you can skim things at high speeds without worrying about getting snagged and halted to a stop like in GTA.

I still kind of want to get GTA V on PS4, but I really see no incentive to get it again for the PS4 when I have it on my PS3 (like a lot of re-releases).

I have also been playing Destiny, which is another apparently "poor" game, but I've been having some good fun with it, even though there seems to just be one map per planet.

It would have been nice for them to have the different icons on the different worlds to either have new locations, or even jus spawn me in different areas of the map. Kind of seems unfinished in this way.

I heard you need UPlay to play Watch_Dogs on any platform, is that true?

Yep. So for those considering playing Watch_Dogs: Get Uplay!

It isn't much of a hassle, anyone complaining about it is quite honestly being stupid, because not only is it free and only requires a one-time sign in (all other times are automatic), the online play is incredibly fun in this game. Not LBP-type fun, but more like a really good GTA or something. At least it is for me. I can understand people who may not find it as fun as other games, because this one is just right for me.

A few days ago I saw it for €3. But it was the 360 version.emoji