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I'll let Andre The Black Nerd straighten this out for me emoji

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Pfffffhahahahahahahahahahuhuhuhuhuhuhohohohohohohohohihihihihi... Hehe... He... Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa!
Who at SEGA though that making a sequel to the most hated Sonic game of all time was a good idea? Even if it's good, it's got "Sonic Boom" in the title! Don't they know everyone will avoid this game just because of that? They really gave up on the old fanbase… Man, I just can't wait for the movie emoji I'm probably gonna laugh even harder emoji

And yes, Sanzaru's making it, no Sly 5 folks. Hopefully…

It seems like Sanzaru is going the way of High Impact games, making games based on IPs that progressively get less fun each time until they eventually have to resort to making Dreamworks games, iOS games and the final nail in the coffin; Barbie games!

Although I really wish they'd actually make a sequel to Sly 4, although they did take alot of their story from a wikipedia page and the title from a crudely made web series made by fans back in 2008, so maybe they're counting on the fandom to write the story for them again for Sly 5

Sanzaru, you were the chosen one! You were supposed to continue one of the best gaming series, not one of the worst!

Alas, poor Sanzaru. Forced to make a gimmicky sequel no one asked for and not developing a conclusion for Sly 4's ending. I feel bad for Big Red Button as well; Sonic Boom effectively ruined whatever reputation they had.

Ah well, the last Sonic game I played was Generations for PS3, and it looks like that'll be the last good main-stream title for a while. I've heard to many mixed opinion on Lost World to try it out. Maybe when it's cheaper.

I think it's save to say that Generatins was, indeed, the last good Sonic game. Should've ended then and there.