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Yeah, I know. I guess I'd rather have a conversation with JAT.

It's…complicated. I mean, it's nice that he's the script writer for Ratchet and Clank, but he doesn't seem like the kinda guy you'd want to have a conversation with (aside from Ratchet and Clank related stuff, of course).

I follow him on Twitter and I really haven't seen him writing anything that would make you consider him a bad person (are you mad bout that Easter Bunny joke?). Then again, seeing how you had a problem with that little, ambiguous, impossible to understand by kids gay joke in HTTYD2 (a movie heavily focused on a family consited of mother, father and son), I guess you're just a little oversensitive.

Just a thought how will ratchet react when he finds out quark is evil ?

Just a thought how will ratchet react when he finds out quark is evil ?

I know!

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Recently re-watched the cutscenes in Up Your Arsenal, god that game is hilarious. It's easier to appreciate the writing when you're older.

Alien: I've seen him run right through our campin' site. He was butt naked, screamin', and holdin' a banan'r. Or maybe it weren't a banan'r. It could be—

Back to Ratchet's personality, I think he did retain it throughout the games for the most part. He never lost his cocky teenage attitude, he just matured more. This cutscene should be a good example.

I kinda liked the way ratchet talks to Clank in the first game, he makes me sooo laugh emoji

Ratchet looks more mature in A Crack in Time than the new réimagining, he seems more serious to me.

Judging by the trailer, Ratchet is a sort of beginner and maybe too kind for me …

I don't want ratchet's personnality from the first game back neither. Ratchet from the future série seems to me correct.

PS : I don"t know if my english level is good enough for you guys for understanding me x)

Your English is good enough. I can understand you. emoji. Be confident.

Hopefully there will be some crude humour

Hopefully there will be some crude humour

Don't worry. The movie is rated PG for "some rude humor". So hopefully the game won't go too far.