Gold bolts


  • When you start off, next to your ship, there will be a sort of cavern with water inside, called the Waterworks. Jump on all the rocks until you get to the first room with the Peckbots in it. Do not climb the stairs, instead do wall jumps at the base of them. Once you get to the top, go right and get the gold bolt.
  • You will need at least the Bomb Glove or some other explosive type weapon. Locate and travel the path behind your ship (the one with the water and then a bolt crank). Continue until you reach several large water containers set at different levels in a cavern. Descend to the floor after the pools and use a weapon with explosive force to blast the wall just on your left. The gold bolt is there.
  • You need the Hydropack. Jump into the river below your ship and use the Hydropack to travel against the current. Take the left fork underwater and continue to the end. Jump out into the cavern and kill all the enemies. Proceed toward the right into another room with even more enemies. Once the room is cleared, locate several ledges further in the room that you can jump onto. Jump onto those and continue to some stairs where you'll find the gold at the top.


  • Right when you get to the Gadgetron vendor, jump over the railing and land on a small ledge just below. Drop from the ledge. You will be in some kind of tunnel where many flying cars go through. The gold bolt is there.You can also go into first person mode (L1) and throw the wrench at the ships to get bolts.
  • You need the Helipack: when you get to the Gadgetron vendor, go left and start Qwark's obstacle course. Once you get to the highest tower, after all of the moving platforms, go where there are no bars on the side.(The side that doesn't have the long pole.) Look a bit down and slightly on the left and you will see boxes in a building. NOTE: Boxes not visible in PS3 trilogy version until midflight. You'll see a platform like on the picture but no boxes. Glide (run+Cross+Cross) in that direction and in the midst of the boxes is the gold bolt.
  • You need the Helipack: after Big Al’s Roboshack, continue exploring and when you get to the top of the escalator before the train, go right. Do a boost jump (R1+Cross) over the luggage there and get on the other side and kill your enemies. You will see a gold bolt farther. There are two ways to get it: from the luggage you just jumped on, you can jump from luggage to luggage on your right to get to the gold bolt OR go all the way to the luggage that the gold bolt is on without jumping from luggage to luggage and you will see boxes behind the luggage that holds the gold bolt. Do not break them yet! Do a boost jump (R1+Cross) to get on top of the boxes. Then, you can simply jump to the gold bolt.


  • You need the Swingshot: after you used the Swingshot to get to the room where you got the Trespasser, look down. You will see a platform that is slowly turning counter-clockwise. Jump on it. Go to the middle and the gold bolt is there.
  • (Coming from the main level end game) Before hoping over to Skid McMarx's agent, turn right. From there, jump in the mud and jump back out of it on a little piece of steel on your right. Then jump to the large piece of land in front of you and follow the land to a kind of truck that has the gold bolt on it. Jump and get it.
  • You can use the Bomb Glove: further on from Skid McMarx, you will see a bluish metal grid somewhere that is unbreakable and behind it, a gold bolt. Go to the left on a piece of land after the mud and where the sandsharks and sandshark creators had been when you had to help Skidd, and look on the right. You will see a semi-broken wall, with the bottom-right part open where you can see a little light coming through. Break it with the Bomb Glove and get in the tunnel. The gold bolt is at the end.
  • You need the Magneboots: where Skid McMarx’s agent was, you can see the possibility of climbing the hill on the right using your Magneboots. Some parts of the hill are black magnetic paths. Find the gold bolt on top in a low building, which you can find the entrance to on the side.

Nebula G34

  • You need the Helipack: kill all the enemies in the circular room with the Gadgetron vendor and all the small mutant frog-like animals in it and the bigger lizard-looking ones behind them. Then, go right from the entrance of the room and do a boost jump (R1+Cross) to get on an upper platform. Go straight ahead into a new room, kill all of the other Alien Swarmers there, and get the gold bolt behind them.
  • You need the O2 Mask: go to the area where you explored with Clank, board the ship using the thin path and then stand on the ledge overlooking all the blue boxes below. Instead of jumping down, jump to the right onto the ledge then walk around the side and find the gold bolt.


  • You need the Helipack: there are three ways of getting this gold bolt. Right at the beginning, look a bit to your right. There should be four yellow robots, and you will see two steps(tiers). Go in front of the steps and look up. You will see the gold bolt on a ledge a bit to the right. With the Helipack, get on the first step, (Some people may have an easier time starting from the second step.) face the wall with the ledge, boost-jump (R1+Cross) and while in the air, press (Up+R1+Cross) and you will grab the ledge. Then, pull yourself up to get the gold bolt.


  • You need the Helipack: go to where there are all of the force fields, where you can see the gold bolt behind one of them. Go farther where there is the round platform that the steam pushes in the air. Jump on it and once the platform goes up, jump on the closest pillar where the force fields are attached. Make your way to the pillar next to the gold bolt and jump off to get it.
  • You need the O2 Mask: first, get to the place where you had to run as fast as you could to get the most oxygen where everything flooded up. When you get there, it will still be flooded. Follow the path and when you get to the place where you can go higher on a platform on the left, go the other way (right, and down). Follow the path in a tunnel and when you get out of the water, the gold bolt is there.


  • On a long bridge, after using your Swingshot for the second time, after the second turret, go right and you will see a closed door. Look to the right of the door and you will see a ledge with a tripad on it. Jump to it and continue around the building until all three tripads are activated. Go back down and the door will be open with boxes and the gold bolt in it.
  • During the section where you use the Hydrodisplacer, go to the pool of water with the stairs at the right. Look down from the edge, over the railing, (top of the stairs) and you will see a large square opening below formed by four walls, on the right. Jump into the opening and you will fall down to the gold bolt.


  • Right at the beginning, where you can use your Trespasser to open up a door with a lot of boxes behind it, do wall jumps there and the Gold Bolt will be there on the roof.
  • You need the Helipack: go where the first tank was, and go over the bridge. Go right from the small building up the ledges and start jumping off from ledge to ledge doing stretch-jumps (R1+Cross) and you’ll eventually arrive to the gold bolt.


  • You need the Swingshot and the Helipack: from your ship, go straight forward to the ledge and look down. You will see a metal platform. Follow the path and destroy all of the bombers along the way by shooting down the things they are connected to. Then, go to the last platform and you will see, to its right, smaller platforms (that sink in the lava when you jump on them) that lead to the gold bolt. Get it.
  • You need the Helipack: you need to finish the planet first. Then, go where you got the Pilot's Helmet and look down from the right of the elevator. You will see an opening at the top of a volcano. Glide into that opening and prepare to fight your way through. In the end of the path you will come out of the volcano and the gold bolt will be just a bit further along.


  • You need the Visibomb Gun and the O2 Mask: go where there are all of the small grenades falling down. Look up and search for a gold bolt on a sort of balcony with a funky wall behind it. Use the Visibomb Gun or the Devastator to blow that wall up. Then, use the former to direct your missile through the tunnel that appeared behind the wall. There will be four more walls to destroy. Then, once you have destroyed all 3 to 4 of them, go back to your ship and take the path you had to take when you had to catch the Infobot. At one point you had to turn right and to your left there was a closed opening with teeth around it (this is after the magnetic strip). You should be able to go through it now. Go to the end of the tunnel while avoiding the yellowish-green liquid everywhere and there will be the gold bolt.
  • You need the O2 Mask: as Ratchet, take the path you had to use as Clank and go along the path until you see the possibility to do wall jumps on the wall to the left. Just wall jump and the gold bolt is there. You have to finish the planet first before you can access the place.


  • You need the Swingshot and the Thrusterpack: from the beginning, follow the path you took when escorting the commercial man, until you get to the first Psytopus. Jump into the water on the right and there should be a place where you can go left under the land. Go under the arc and get out of the water. You will need to make your way through using your weapons, your Swingshot, and your Thrusterpack for a special lock and finally get to the gold bolt at a water cascade.(This is filled with Puffer Fishes and more Psytopuses).


  • From your ship, go to the right. When you come upon a line of trees, don’t follow the path, but continue to the right. There is a clearing with many anklebiters and farther you will see a vertical platform moving up and down. You have to jump off the rock wall to the right onto the platform, back to the wall, to the platform, and so on. Basically, you just wall jump up to the gold bolt, but using a moving surface. The gold bolt is at the top.
  • Take the path you need to take when you go to Edwina who sells you the Hydropack. At one point you will have to fill up a large area with water. The water you use to do that can be obtained at three different spots at three different levels. When you are at the second place where you get the water (inside a small cave), look up and you will see a ledge with the gold bolt on it. To get it, fill the entire area with water, and then go underwater. Go to the cave where you took the water for the second time and go up. You will be able to get out of the water onto the ledge with the gold bolt on it.

Orb. Oltanis

  • To obtain this before completing the planet, you need the Visibomb Gun: At the place where there is green acid rising up and down, you can see a gold bolt behind a force field if you look from the highest platform that the acid cannot reach. If you have done this area before, the force field won't be there anymore. However, if you have not, there is a way to destroy the field: from your ship, shoot the Visibomb, and keep the visibomb going straight until you see a big large building with a wide opening in its dome-like top. Go through the opening with the bomb, and then go down, following the curve of the wall. You will crash into a force field generator tower which will deactivate the field blocking the gold bolt. It is now obtainable. Note: If you are already next to force shield, then there is no need to go back to ship. There's a window in the acid room. Shoot a Visibomb rocket to that window and go a little far from the station. In an upper level from the place you just shot, there's a tower. Go around it until you've found the curving entrance. Enter it and destroy the force field generator to open the wage until bolt.


  • You need the Magneboots: when you start, go to the magnetic path and follow the trail. After you eliminate the only electrical robot keep going toward your objective. (The Gadgetron PDA ) Before the 3rd ice track with the electrical currents go to the far end of the ice platform. Grab the ledge with the metal rods sticking out of it (don't jump up to the ice path). Keep ledge grabbing moving to the right, past more metal rods and you eventually see the Gold Bolt. If you miss it after you purchase the Gadgetron PDA, turn around with your back towards Qwark, and you will see it.
  • In the same area as the one above, there is a ledge off to the right side, next to boxes. Jump down and there is the gold bolt. You will see the gold bolt as you go into this area.
  • You need the Swingshot: Follow the path which leads down the rubble and into a small street area. Continue through the waves of enemies until you reach a grindrail. Ride the grindrail to the platform below and defeat all of the robots. When you are finished, you will see a green Swingshot versa-target in a building to the right further down the path. Use your Swingshot to reach the ledge and grab the gold bolt.
  • You need the Swingshot: this is the hardest Swingshot course of the game. To get this bolt, you need to finish the planet first. Once that is done, a bomber will shoot a missile at the statue that was on the large platform near your ship. The statue will explode and there will be an activator button there. Press it and versa-targets will appear. Follow the course and take your time. On the first straight using the Swingshot, one of the targets is farther away than the others, so you have to go a bit higher than normally before letting go to successfully hook on to it. Then, a lot of Swingshot targets have something under them that keep them moving. Just Swingshot to them when they are close enough, and when Ratchet lets go, press circle again to keep hooked. Sometimes you’ll have to keep swinging on the same target waiting for the right time to hook on the next one. With a little practice, it should be fine and at the end, the last versa-target takes you to the gold bolt. Alternatively, you can swing on the first target in the direction the bolt. When you get a high enough swing, fly towards the final platform and spam the circle button. You should just be within range to grab the final target. -Side note. if you head to the small street area once you have the swingshots activated if you looked towards the gold bolt then look up and wait, one of the ships will fly by and you can hook onto it and make your life much easier.


  • You need the swingshot: when you find Clank’s mother, look up; you will see a swingshot target. This leads to the gold bolt.
  • You need the Codebot: on the left, before you go in the room where you change Clank into Giant Clank, there is an invincovault that you can open using your Codebot. The gold bolt and many crates are inside the vault.

Kalebo III

  • You need the Grindboots: after you get the Map-o-Matic item from the Gadgetron Helpdesk Girl, Head out of the building and drop to the small platform below the grindrail you came off of and you will see a teleporter that takes you to the Gadgetron Employee Break Room. The gold bolt is in the break room.
  • You need the Grindboots: there are three activators scattered around the long grind rail. If you hit each of them with your wrench while grinding (and at one point you will have to take an alternate path), it will deactivate a force field that blocked the way to another grind rail. Once the force field is down, just flip to the rail (it's right before the second jump) and follow the path. Avoid or obliterate obstacles. The gold bolt will be on the grind rail.

Orb. Veldin

  • You need the Hydropack and the O2 Mask: follow the path you needed to take to go get the Codebot (that is, underwater and through the activators that are right under your ship). Do the whole thing with the deactivation of the electricity in the water and continue along the path. But, when you go through the last three rings, instead of going straight, turn back and go right where there is a path you can follow. Go out of the water at the end of it before the countdown ends and you’ve got the gold bolt, or you could do it with out going through the rings by using the hydroboost through the top of the closed door. To get out press the button on the floor and continue to the end.
  • You need the Hologuise (unless you’ve completely finished Drek’s Fleet already), the O2 Mask and the Magneboots: start doing the entire fleet as if you were doing the normal mission. After getting to upside down path (with cannons firing) go to the left and take the path to the space ship. Use the ship to destroy the cannons, once completed you can continue on the path without getting killed. You will be taken to another lift. You will be upside down with lasers and dogs on the roof. Go down path until right side up through door. INSTEAD of continuing on path to next door, turn around and go back into the laser/dog room. Door to gold bolt is on far back and to the right.


  • You will need the Taunter: Follow the path until you reach the place past the first lava area, behind you and slightly to the right, you can see a force field and a button to open it behind the force field, and behind that, an alien swarmer. Use the Taunter on it. The alien swarmer will come to you and step on the button that will disable the force field. Jump in the tunnel, and follow the path. The gold bolt is at the end.
  • You need the Helipack: just before you Swingshot at the two yellow versa-targets, turn around 180 degrees and look slightly to your left. You will see platforms. Jump on them and just follow the path and get the gold bolt.
  • You need the Swingshot: after the two yellow versa-targets, you will later encounter a green one. Watch out, because there is a large and barely visible lava pit before the place where you have to hook onto the versa-target. Go to the right of the pit and you will see a small, circular metal platform. Jump onto it and then onto the larger platform below that you will then be able to see. Next you will see a grind rail, jump on it, and go to the end of the path. You will have the gold bolt.