Locations: Novalis

Novalis Tobruk Crater
  • Gold bolts: 3
  • Skill points: 1
  • Infobot found on Quartu


  1. Novalis - Tobruk Crater
  2. Novalis - The Caves
  3. Novalis - Underground Diving


Skill points

  • Take aim: Destroy a fighter or bomber

Gold Bolts

  • When you start off, next to your ship, there will be a sort of cavern with water inside, called the Waterworks. Jump on all the rocks until you get to the first room with the Peckbots in it. Do not climb the stairs, instead do wall jumps at the base of them. Once you get to the top, go right and get the gold bolt.
  • You will need at least the Bomb Glove or some other explosive type weapon. Locate and travel the path behind your ship (the one with the water and then a bolt crank). Continue until you reach several large water containers set at different levels in a cavern. Descend to the floor after the pools and use a weapon with explosive force to blast the wall just on your left. The gold bolt is there.
  • You need the Hydropack. Jump into the river below your ship and use the Hydropack to travel against the current. Take the left fork underwater and continue to the end. Jump out into the cavern and kill all the enemies. Proceed toward the right into another room with even more enemies. Once the room is cleared, locate several ledges further in the room that you can jump onto. Jump onto those and continue to some stairs where you'll find the gold at the top.