Skill points


  • Take aim: Destroy a fighter or bomber


  • Strike a Pose: Stand between the legs of Al's Roboshack statue
  • Blimpy: Take out a blimp, any blimp
  • Qwarktastic: Destroy the Qwarkbot statue


  • Swing it!: Achieve six swings in the factory without touching the ground
  • Transported: Destroy three flying transports

Nebula G34

  • Girl trouble: Beat the Alien Queen using your wrench only


  • Any ten: Blow up ten vehicles


  • Tricky: Do a "Twisty McMarx" in a hoverboard race
  • Cluck, cluck: Turn any tank into a chicken
  • Speedy: Beat hoverboard challenge in 1:35 or less


  • Jumper: Get through the grindrail without losing a HP
  • Accuracy counts: Destroy a small fighter with the turret
  • Eat lead: Use a Sand Mouse to take out all tanks


  • Destroyed: Blow up all of the Blarg destroyers
  • Gunner: Down five ships with a turret


  • Sniper: Shoot a Screamer through sniper hole
  • Hey, over here!: Lure any enemy into a forcefield


  • Alien invasion: Shoot down three Blarg Saucers with visibombs
  • Buried treasure: Find and destroy all crates in the ocean


  • Pest control: Kill all anklebiters in the forested section
  • Whirlybirds: Destroy 5 helico with any weapon other than turret

Oltanis orbit

  • Sitting ducks: Destroy all cargo ships in the base


  • Shattered glass: Blast all of the streetlights in the city
  • Blast 'em: Destroy three marauding Blarg ships

Kalebo III

  • Heavy traffic: Traverse the grindrail without hitting anything
  • Magician: Score of 4500 or better on the hoverboard race

Veldin orbit

  • Sneaky: Kill all enemies in Hologuise traversal
  • Careful cruise: Complete water traversal without losing any HP


  • Going Commando: Kill ten elite guards with your wrench only