Locations: Gaspar

Gaspar Blarg Research Outpost
  • Gold bolts: 4

Nouveaux objets

Gold Bolts

  • Requires the Jetpack: In the furthest south area of the map, use your Jetpack to access a Magneboots track. Walk along it and turn the crank bolt located at the end. Keep following the path to reach an elevator that will take you to the gold bolt.
  • In the south-west area, a gold bolt is heavily guarded and protected by a forcefield. Defeat all enemies and activate the three buttons to access it.
  • In the north-east area, a gold bolt is located at the center of a hollow platform. Defeat the enemies nearby and wait for the the small volcano to stop spitting lava to get it.
  • In the north-west area, a strip of land can also be accessed from above using the Jetpack. Land there to access a gold bolt sitting next to a few crates.