Locations: Rilgar

Rilgar Blackwater City
  • Gold bolts: 3

Gold Bolts

  • In the section where you have to disable forcefields (at the end of route leading to the Hoverboard races), climb on top of what seems like an advertising board (at the exit of the maze). From there, you can jump on top of the pillars of the maze and simply walk all the way to the gold bolt area. Jump down to get it. A button will be there to disable the forcefields and exit afterwards.
  • During the Hoverboard race, stay on the upper path at the beginning of the lap until its end to get the gold bolt located inside a boost ring.
  • Requires the O2 Mask: Go back to the sewers that were flooded during your first vist. Follow the path until you get to the place where you can go up on the left on the top of some platforms. Go the other way (right, and down) to access a small tunnel. Follow its path to enter a small cave with the gold bolt.