Locations: Challax

Challax Technomite City
  • Gold bolts: 3
  • Skill points: 3


  1. Challax - Technomite City
  2. Challax Orbit - Technomite Orbital Facilities



Skill Points

  • Take Them Down A Shock: Kill 23 Shock Troopers without dying.
  • High Tech Weapons Master: Beat the enemy segment without using the Lacerator, Acid Bomb Glove, Concussion Gun, Shock Rocket, Laser Tracer, Sniper Mine or the RYNO.
  • No More Varmints!: Get over 1535 points in the Giant Clank Challenge (2000 for challenge mode)

Titanium Bolts

  • There is a small platform below the platform you land your ship there. use select to find it and jump down.
  • After you used your Polarizer the first time, enter the room and you will see a conveyor belt, wait a while and you will see the titanium bolt moving over it.
  • After you destroy the Otto Destruct statue using a plant, walk to the other side of the plant to destroy a wall behind it. inside the wall is the bolt.

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