Locations: Kalidon

Kalidon Mechanoid Factory
  • Gold bolts: 3
  • Skill points: 3


  1. Kalidon - Mechanoid Factory
  2. Kalidon - Skyboard Challenge
  3. Kalidon - Mungo



Skill Points

  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal: Clear all the remote bombs in the Gravity Boot sphere.
  • Super Lombax: Kill 25 enemies in a row without getting hit.
  • Be A Cool Skyboarder: Win a Skyboarding race without using boost.

Titanium Bolts

  • When you land your ship, jump down the edge to a small area covered in rocks. There is a small path leading to the Titanium bolt.
  • Right before entering the factory, go to the left, around pillar and grab the bolt.
  • When you get into that room where there is a floating ball of those red robots, look up, and there will be your bolt. The hard thing is getting there without driving yourself crazy. At the entrance there will be a gravity ramp on the right side of the wall. It will lead you straight up there.

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