Thread: Is it the end of the series?

While there would be the great advantage of the inferior disc drives going away, you'd probably still have the usual hard drive issues though. Although I'm not that sure if HD issues are because of the system or hard drive itself, because everyone I know that has them, when fixed their data reamins, so I think it might be because of the system.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to write about systems without quoting MGS4?

Unless Insomniac games bring back the old crude humour,crazy weapons,online multiplayer I can't see this series going much further.If they released a game with a huge epic campaign that would kick off another R&C Saga AND if it hd Online multilayer.Honestly I don't see why they don't make another game like UYA.I also can't see why Online Multiplayer wasn't added to ACIT