Thread: ACiT Plot Hole Thread

Damn it…
How about this then:
How did Nefarious find out the Great Clock's location in the first place?

Well he was lucky enough to land on a Fongoid planet, and managed to convince the gullible Fongoids he was a sign that the Zoni trusted the Fongoids once again. After this he probably got them to reveal the (no longer) well kept secrets of the Zoni to to him. This resulted in a meeting with Orvus being arranged, which ended in a disaster that he probably didn't share to the Fongoids. He was probably like "Right, well Orvus said it's all good, and I can return to the Great Clock now. Anyone care to tell me where that is exactly?"

The Fongoids probably know this information, but have sworn to never disclose it or even hint at them knowing anything about it. But this batch obviously trusted Nefarious quite a lot. They probably wouldn't tell Ratchet because there is no sign that he can really be trusted with that sort of information.

How about this then:
Why aren't you a writer at Insomniac Games?

Because they probably don't hire people from overseas for writing jobs who have no experience writing much of anything.

How about TJ's editor?
Also you write quite a lot here, don't know what you're talking about emoji

Forums and game plots are quite different, but thanks for the compliment emoji

Try not to look too deep in fictional works, Darkstar, it could drive you insane (I mean really, you looked deep in ACiT's plot that you find holes that I didn't notice?!)

Or Pollyx just read his mind. You know, just like he found out about Clank.

Or Pollyx just read his mind. You know, just like he found out about Clank.

Except for the fact that finding out about Clank was the only time that it worked…

Ha, yea I can't believe I forgot that Pollux was there doing his computer magic!