Thread: What's up with Ratchet?

Oh, I see. wait, if he has a shrinker inside his pocket, why couldn't he just use that to shrink Clank and him in Size Matters?

Ratchet can't store his weapons in Clank, because he doesn't stick around Clank all of the time while you control him.
Ratchet can't be Batman because I said so.
Ratchet can't shrink his guns, because that sort of technology would be going to waste on such a task, seeing as how shrinking stuff would be better applied to a weapon he could use to defeat enemies easier.
Ratchet can't use nanomachines to shink his guns because where does the matter all go to?
Ratchet can't use a controlled Black Hole to compress his weapons, because there is no way to reverse this process, and if there were a way to do this, I'm sure the universe would be a very different place (I'm not a scientist, I don't know these things for sure)
Ratchet can't store his weapons at all, that technology doesn't exist in his world, or ours. He's just special…

Which means that Ratchet's super power is: Storing weapons! It's just a shame no one ever notices this, including himself during cinematics.

While we are at it, we could go on about how the Shrink-Ray in Size Matters is completely flawed, and Ratchet could have ended that game much faster than he did… but what fun would that be? Ratchet & Clank use cartoon logic: Noting makes sense, accept everything and enjoy the ride while it lasts. Just like with the fire in Spongebob.

Uhh, double jumping? Isn't that an unusual skill?

Uhh, double jumping? Isn't that an unusual skill?

It's not really a double jump… It's a lot more like a 0G front flip, because we don't see him jump a second time (like Jak did for example).

Oh, wait, I foubd another super power: immune to fatigue. Because he could run as long as he wants without resting, and it might be the players' thumbs that need to rest! He could also run while carrying Clank, I think he's pretty heavy even in that size

Ok, storing weapons and no fatigue? Wow, wish I had those powers. That would be awesome for battles, which Ratchet has frequently.

What sorts of battles are you fighting?!

I mean if I was fighting battles. And I am pretty sure you have seen the battles Ratchet fights.

Yea, believe me, if any of Ratchet's fights happened in real life, they'd be the opposite side of fun.

definitely. I would hate to be him, even though it would also be AWESOME!

And Ratchet never seem to be tired after every fight