Locations: Holostar Studios

Holostar Studios
Holostar Studios Lot 42, Lot 43
  • Titanium bolts: 3
  • Skill points: 1
  • Trophies: 1


  1. Holostar Studios - Secret Agent Clank
  2. Holostar Studios - Giant Clank
  3. Holostar Studios - Studio 42
  4. Holostar Studios 2 - Studio 41


Skill points

  • Feeling Lucky?: Hit a slot machine with your wrench and get the jackpot.

Titanium Bolts

  • In the room with the slot machines, go to the back exit near the elevator. Turn around and you'll see two sets of chairs. Jump up the one on the left (when facing the elevator you came up from) to get to the bolt.
  • After you get to the ship, walk up the wall in front of you. Make your way through the rooms, battling Tyhrranoids as you go, until you get to the two corkscrewing grav-strips. Walk on the one on the floor, and about half-way across, jump and glide to the yellow bar just above the acid. Jump to the grav-strip next to you and follow it into the round room, up the wall and into a small room containing the bolt.
  • Jump into the round room below the bolt describred. Go up the grav-strip opposite the yellow acid, jumping across the blocks in the way. Once you get to the end, defeat the Four-Eyed Tyhrranoid Commander, and step on the grav-wall. Here comes the tricky part- One-Eyed Tyhrranoids are falling from holes in the ceiling. Push the left analog stick up and to the right. This will get you to the top safely so you can get the bolt.

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