Locations: Tyhrranosis

Tyhrranosis Korgon Base, Kavu Island
  • Titanium bolts: 2
  • Skill points: 1
  • Trophies: 1


  1. Tyhrranosis - Landing Site
  2. Tyhrranosis - Korgon Base
  3. Tyhrranosis - Control Room
  4. Tyhrranosis - Kavu Island


Skill points

  • Be A Sharpshooter: Kill 10 Tyhrranoids with the Flux Rifle.

Titanium Bolts

  • In the mission where you need to destroy the four gun turrets, get in the Turbo Slider, go across the bridge take the right fork, and keep on going. Once you get to the small building where the generator for the turret on the far right is located go around the right side of the building and grab the bolt.
  • You need the Hypershot: In the green cave, instead of jumping up to the right to fight the Saucers, go forward to the edge (don't fall off). Jump towards the Hypershot target and swing into the secret room. Go forward and to the right to get the bolt.

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