Locations: Ceinture de Valix

Ceinture de Valix
Ceinture de Valix
  • Dread points required: 75,000
  • Medals required: Crusader Status
  • Dread challenges: 2


  1. The Valix Belt - Lost and Found
  2. The Valix Belt - Space Ace
  3. The Valix Belt - Power Up!

Skill points

  • The Disease: Keep 5 enemies brainwashed at once using the Brainwash Mod.
  • Medieval Power: Use the Scorpion Flail to kill 50 enemies.
  • Touchy Feely: Kill 3 Range Strikers with the wrench.
  • Invulnerable: Complete any challenge without taking damage.
  • Fuselage: Kill 5 Dropships with the Fusion Rifle.
  • Schooled: Kill 30 Pincer Rays using the Hovership.
  • Healthy: Complete any challenge without using health crates.
  • Mix and Match: Kill 9 enemies with three different mods in 30 seconds.
  • Turret Syndrome: Kill 20 enemies using the Mini-turret Launcher.
  • Chill Out: Use the Freeze Mod to kill 20 enemies in a row.
  • A Baker's Dozen: Kill 13 Cycloids with the same weapon.
  • Ring My Bell: Beat the "Time Extension!" challenge with at least 30 sec of time remaining.
  • The Big Bang: Use the Arbiter to kill 5 enemies in one shot.
  • In a Row: Use the Fusion Rifle to kill two enemies in one attack.
  • Bombs Away: Kill 20 enemies using the Mini-bomb Mod.