Locations: Kronos

  • Dread points required: 10,000
  • Medals required: 3 Green Badges
  • Dread challenges: 3


  1. Kronos - Infiltrate the Cathedral
  2. Kronos - Fight to the Cathedral
  3. Kronos - Introducing Shellshock

Skill points

  • Cow Patties: Use the Hunter Mine Launcher to kill 20 enemies in a row.
  • Raining Shells: In the challenge "Introducing Shellshock," defeat Shellshock using Dual Vipers.
  • Slip and Slide: Complete the challenge "Enemies are Such a Grind" in less than 3:00:00.
  • Punishment: Deal 250 damage in any challenge with the Dual Vipers.
  • Too Nimble: Kill 20 enemies without taking any damage.
  • Big Changes: Use the Morph Mod to morph 40 enemies.
  • Can't Hit Me: In the challenge "Shellshock Returns," defeat Shellshock without being hit.
  • Jet Assist: Use the Arbiter to kill 25 enemies in 40 seconds.
  • Lucky Shot: Use the Fusion Rifle to kill three DZ Strikers in one shot.
  • Dizzy: Manually turn 3 of the bolts in the challenge "Showdown With Shellshock.
  • Flying High: Kill 7 enemies at once with the Hovership missiles.
  • Who Am I?: Keep 3 enemies brainwashed at once using the Brainwash Mod.
  • Don't Flail Me Now: Use the Scorpion Flail to kill 25 enemies in a row.
  • Now It's Personal: Kill an Executioner using only your wrench.
  • Just Passing Through: Complete any challenge without taking damage.