Locations: Ghost Station

Ghost Station
Ghost Station
  • Dread points required: 250,000
  • Medals required: Liberator Status
  • Dread challenges: 0


  1. Ghost Station - The Grinding Chase
  2. Ghost Station - Running the Gauntlet
  3. Ghost Station - Prison Break
  4. Ghost Station - Escape

Skill points

  • Mine Forever: Kill 3 Ghost Executioners with the Hunter Mine Launcher.
  • Meltdown: Kill 10 Ghost DZ Strikers with the Acid Mod.
  • Friendly Fire: Your Combat Bots must gain 10 kills in any challenge.
  • No Landing: Destroy 10 Dropships.
  • Death Is Near: Kill 15 enemies with 5 different mods in 60 seconds.
  • Double Trouble: Complete any challenge using on ly the Dual Vipers.
  • Warming Up: Destroy 10 Ghost DZ Strikers with the Napalm Mod.
  • Sharpshooter: Kill 20 enemies with the Fusion Rifle.
  • The Great Escape: Complete any challenge without taking damage.
  • Too Hot to Handle: Use the Napalm Mod to kill 25 enemies in a row.
  • Fodder Follies: Kill 15 Ghost DZ Strikers in a row with the same weapon.
  • No Medic Here: Complete any challenge without using health crates.
  • Skill Kill: Skill Kill : Use the Fusion Rifle to kill 3 enemies in one attack.
  • Show Me the Money: Destroy 5 bolt crates.
  • Put 'Em on Ice: Use the Freeze Mod to freeze 15 enemies in a row.