Thread: Ratchet & Clank: Little Big Planet 2

That is so sad you gave up on it.emoji

I got so excited reading 13 pages of awesome.emoji

The levels are all out there (it looks like 2, but really it's 5 (two of which you won't notice, it's just to stop people from getting mass quantities of bolts)

The excitement doesn't have to end though, there are pleanty of really awesome Ratchet & Clank creators and levels out there, you just gotta dig deep enough. Ever seen the stuff attacker444 does? Real pro that guy!

Seven years later I still haven't learned my lesson

This probably won't become anything, just me messing about. Still, LBP3 is pretty cool at times, I just really hope it doesn't corrupt my profile again.

EDIT: Wow images look terrible. Hopefully they fix this with LBP4.