Thread: Mysterious Poster

I'm still intrigued by the Nexus part of the title, Nexus is a link or a tie, a frontier if you will, could this mean Ratchet will finally NOT ditch an opportunity he has to see his race? And what's the deal with Vendra? What does she have to do with Ratchet's past? I thought the only reason the Thugs-4-Less were in this was to play a bit with the nostalgia card, now they're directly related to Ratchet's past? Maybe not all of them, but Vendra and Neftin certainly seem to be.

Vendra and Neffin just employed Thugs, since they probably don't have their own personal army. In my opinion reason they hired T4L and not someone else is actually nostalgia to PS2 times. I'm sure those lizards have nothing to do with Ratchet's past before R&C 2.

Something about 'Ziggy'…
I presume it's the Thugs-4-Less leader in the second game.

He was actually put in the same prison as Ratchet in Secret Agent Clank. He also ordered his troops to attack Ratchet. Though he says that 'the last time we met, you shot down my helicopter' emoji

Aaaaand maybe he escaped during the prison break. Then he'd be probably the T4L leader again and the mystery is back emoji
Okay, anybody knows whether he did or not?

Okay, anybody knows whether he did or not?

He didn't, SAC isn't canon.

Looks really cool. So glad to see Kronk and Zephyr are back.

Too soon.