Thread: Ratchet & Clank PS4 - Official Thread

Hey, how did you take these screenshots? You always seem to get good screenshots.

Unfortunately this "photo mode" is only available to Insomniacs since this is provided in the Instagram of one them. They only gave the opportunity to hide the HUD and use the Sniper to take screenshots.
On and unrelated note I took the time to translate one of the stickers that are inside the Deplanetizer. It says:
This is a very hazardous and dangerous thing right here. Make sure you are careful with it.
This sticker was lovingly and carefully designed for your enjoyment."
Don't know if they are talking to us or the Blargs inside the Deplanetizer.

Oh yes, I remember going around the Insomniac Museum and decoding all of the signs on the boxes in there. Unfortunately none of them were leak for upcoming projects or anything. All pretty generic stuff, really.

"To the Invisible Jet!"

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Haven't posted RaC in a while. Here, have a glove of doom dancing! emoji

Found this video comparing the original PS2 game to the PS4 remake on reddit:

It's pretty critical of the PS4 game but it didn't really change my opinion of it, it did however make me appreciate the PS2 game a lot more. If you have an hour and thirty minutes to spare listening to a british guy rant about video games I'd recommend it

One year ago, this gem came out!

"I wanna taste love and pain. Wanna feel pride and shame. Don't wanna take my time, don't wanna waste one life"
Thanks for that, that will be my soundtrack for the rest of the day. emoji

One year ago, this gem came out!

That part from "On April 12" onward really hit me in the feels. That's my favorite part of the whole trailer and wow, it's been a year. Time flies.

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Infinite falling glitch causes this beauty to happen!

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Crash Bandicoot gets a PS4 bundle with Ratchet and Clank next month! Truthfully, both games deserve the same recognition :oui:
Anyone else picking up the new Crash game next month?

Not immediately. But I'd like to get it at some point.

(oh, btw. They're not selling the Crash Skylander figure loose? I've only seen it as part of the starter kit)

Is 2016 any good? me and my brother were thinking of playing it.