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Whass PT?

Whass PT?

Pacific Time. California is on the pacific side of the ocean, so we just call it that.

Whass PT?

If you Google 'Times E3 2015' in your own language, you should be able to find your own time agenda. That's how I found mine anyway. emoji

I always find these timetables neat:
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The info on this does not seem match up with the stuff HeatherGrace posted, so I wouldn't trust it completely… but the layout of the table is pretty good, and it's never off by more than half an hour… won't matter for me anyway, because all I'll be able to catch live will be Square Enix and the PC thing… neither of which will interest me.

I'll just watch Sony and others on YouTube hours after they've happened. At least I'll be able to watch them in HD.

I see. Well…

I got my info from IGN btw. emoji

For me it'll start at 5:00 am, Monday, 15th, and it just happens to be the official date on which the school year ends. What a great way to start the summer vacation! emoji
Does anybody know when the R&C stuff might be scheduled? I couldn't find any info about it… I suppose a more detailed program will be announced later? There are some things I don't wanna miss… like No Man's Sky, Uncharted 4, etc.

It's safe to say it will be during Sony's conference. When is always a surprise. Last year at the very end they had 'just one small thing left''. And then the Naughty Dog logo revealed itself. This was me:

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I hope that this E3 will truly mark the beginning of Next Gen, so far this generation has felt like the PS3/X360/Wii generation all over again, except minus the PS2 graphics games had early on.

Imo next-gen is already well on it's way. Dragon Age 3 truly showed what we're in for now. Especially after playing the prev-gen version at my nephews place after playing the PS4 versie. Cassandra, what happened to your normal map scars?!

Added a list of the 'might' and 'likely to appear' games during E3. As well as a couple of other things.

If next-gen means more realistic graphics… please don't.
Funny how my friend and I get hooked up on Crash Bandicoot while the rest of the class discusses the new Witcher emoji

Better graphics; yes. More realistic; no. It will forever depand on the graphical artstyle developers decide to use.

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Same console, completely different things. For example, Ratchet will never look like the latest CoD game. Don't worry. emoji

I looked at the first link in the OP, and I think that they might be expecting a bit much with The Last Guardian, and Watch Dogs 2.

Personally a Watch Dogs 2 would be really awesome… but it would seem far too soon. If they want to beat GTA they'll need to put some serious effort into this.