Locations: Lumos

Lumos Krell Canyon, Vogal Caves
  • Gold bolts: 5
  • Skill points: 2
  • Zonis: 4


  1. Lumos - Krell Canyon
  2. Lumos - Tetramite Swarm
  3. Lumos - The Agorian Riders
  4. Lumos - The Hydra Tanks
  5. Lumos - Agorian Air Support
  6. Lumos - The Zoni Temple Discovered


Skill points

  • Bug Bait: Take damage from every Tetramite swarm without dying.
  • Treasure Hunter: Destroy every Camo crate.

Gold Bolts

  • After raising the first bridge, jump or thrust yourself towards the ledge where the Gold Bolt lies.
  • You will need the OmniSoaker. In the initial cave, suck up some nectar from the first Breegus Worm Root you see. Shoot nectar on the Voltan Ivy blocking the door. Once the door is open, you are free to enter and find the Gold Bolt.
  • You will need the OmniSoaker. In the initial cave, there is a stream next to a dry Hydroplant. Fill it up with water and jump up to the ledge to grab the Gold bolt.
  • Within the southern area of Krell Canyon, proceed up a natural ramp where a Zoni awaits. Instead of chasing after it, launch to the left to land on a column with the Gold Bolt on top.
  • Return to the same ramp where the Zoni spawned, and follow the path it took (up the hill to the right, then two teal boost ramps). At the fork with two launch ramps, take the right one to the grind rail to find the Gold Bolt.


  • After you boost down the ramp and into the canyon with your hoverboots, turn right and after a couple of seconds there should be a hoverboot launch pad on your right side. Use it to boost you to a Zoni.
  • Near the launchpad mentioned in the previous section, you will see a blue X jump pad. Jump onto it and follow the path to a high plateau where a Zoni resides.
  • By the upper-right (on the map) rock formation in Krell Canyon, there will be a Zoni waiting for you. Follow it through the hoverbooting section to grab it.
  • After receiving the OmniSoaker, in the Vogal Caves there is a room with two doors blocked off with tentacles. Suck up some Breegus nectar and fire it right onto the tentacles of the first door you see to cause them to retract. The Zoni lies beyond them.


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