Locations: Torren IV

Torren IV
Torren IV Monoloth Fields
  • Gold bolts: 3
  • Skill points: 2
  • Zonis: 2


  1. Torren IV - Molonoth Fields
  2. Torren IV - Slicer Attack 1
  3. Torren IV - Slicer Attack 2
  4. Torren IV - The Hollow
  5. Torren IV - Chasing Down Azimuth
  6. Torren IV - Mastering the Hoverboots


Skill points

  • Spring Cleaning: Destroy all robots in the the Monoloth Fields.
  • Son of Kaden: Complete the Hoverboot course in less than 45 seconds.

Gold Bolts

  • After fixing the time anomalies on Torren IV, go back as Ratchet. Near where you land, there will be a Gold Bolt where there used to be a time anomaly.
  • After completing the Hoverboot final exam, there is a Gold Bolt on the ground beneath the final catapult of the exam course.
  • After completing the Hoverboot final exam, go back to the exam course. After passing the first set of jump pads, look on the left side of the platform you land on. The Gold Bolt will be beyond the compactors, inside a fire pit.


  • After speaking to the giant talking head, go right. A Zoni will appear near the spring platform.
  • A Zoni appears on the Hoverboot course after the final exam. It will lead you on an alternate path, back towards your ship. When you arrive, it will be waiting beside your ship.


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