Locations: Quantos

Quantos Zolar Forest
  • Gold bolts: 4
  • Skill points: 2
  • Zonis: 3


  1. Quantos - Zolar Forest
  2. Quantos - Time Anomaly
  3. Quantos - Trouble with the Fongoids
  4. Quantos - The Missing Children
  5. Quantos - The Fongoid Chief
  6. Quantos - Zyphoid Invasion
  7. Quantos - Fongoid Village Music
  8. Quantos - The Temple of Zahn
  9. Quantos - Vorselon's Invasion


Skill points

  • Cold Killer: Destroy 100 zyphoids in Zolar Forest.
  • Terrible Tourist: Destroy every breakable objects in the Fongoid village.

Gold Bolts

  • Once you have the Hoverboots, return to the beginning of the level. By the first bridge, there is a Hoverboot ramp. Jump off it to reach the bolt.
  • In the large swamp where you must rescue one of the Fongoid children, there is a ledge in the back with a large bolt crate on it. Go to the ledge and smash the bolt crate. Then, you will notice a path, which will lead to the Gold Bolt.
  • There is a large stone-like staircase in the village, which will lead you directly to the Temple of Zahn. Just before you enter into the temple, look below at the right edge of the staircase. After you notice of where the Gold Bolt is, jump down to it.
  • After fixing Aphelion with the three Zoni, you will notice bolt crates where flames used to be, which lead to another Gold Bolt. Follow the path and then you will see the Gold Bolt.


  • Two Zoni appear after recovering the Zoni Vessel in the Temple of Zahn. The first can be captured immediately.
  • The second Zoni must be pursued back through the Temple. It can be caught when you return to the first room.
  • The last Zoni is in the Armory, after Vorselon's ship leaves.


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