Locations: Terachnos

Terachnos Axiom City
  • Gold bolts: 2
  • Skill points: 2
  • Zonis: 3


  1. Terachnos - Axiom City
  2. Terachnos - Robot Attack
  3. Terachnos - Battle in Neurox Plaza
  4. Terachnos - Gunfight in the Movie Plaza
  5. Terachnos - Bypassing the Defensive System
  6. Terachnos - Infiltration of Pollyx Industries
  7. Terachnos - The VX-99


Skill points

  • Terachnoid Rave: Get 12 Terachnoids in Axiom City to dance.
  • Baggage Handler: Destroy all luggage in Axiom City.

Gold Bolts

  • After fixing the time anomalies on Terachnos, return to Neurox Plaza as Ratchet. Go back to the first section of the plaza and jump into the center of the fountain. Then, you will automatically retrieve the Gold Bolt.
  • On a second visit to Terachnos, go back to the maintenance sector of Pollyx Industries. Go past where the final cut-scene was. Search the area, dodge the lasers and jump on the ledge where the Gold Bolt is.


  • The first Zoni will be visible immediately upon landing in Axiom City. Follow it, and do not let it out of your sight. After a few Swingshot targets, it'll stop on a platform.
  • In the eastern half of the Spaceport terminal, there is a barrier that goes down after the battle with Nefarious's droids. There is a Zoni past the barrier. Follow it to the other side of the terminal.
  • After clearing the Spaceport terminal, a Battery Bot appears. Grab it and enter the transport tube. At the other end of the path is a receptacle for the bot, which releases a Zoni.


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