Locations: Spaceship Graveyard

Spaceship Graveyard
Spaceship Graveyard Launch Pad
  • Titanium bolts: 4
  • Skill points: 6
  • Alien codes: 3


  1. Spaceship Graveyard
  2. Spaceship Graveyard - Saint Qwark


Skill Points

  • It's A Delicacy Somewhere: Blow up every mature organic spore in the level.
  • Revenant: Destroy every enemy in the salvage yard before the final door opens without being seen.
  • Punchy: Defeat all pirates using only punches.
  • Sour Victory: Kill the Kudzu Monster, using only lemons.

Titanium Bolts

  • Just after the area with the platforms with turrets and the exploding organic enemies there is an area with a big glass case in it. Go to the right of the glass and kill the turret. Then use the turret to easily jump on to the platform next to it, while avoiding the steam. After that, jump to the taller platform across from it to find another bolt.
  • In the room with all the fans, tie-a-rang the ropes and cut down the boxesto reveal a titanium bolt.
  • After coming up the large elevator, move to your right to see a hole surrounded by the organic mines. Kill the mines and drop down to get another bolt.
  • Dans le passage en pente dans lequel vous devez sauter de plate-forme en plate-forme en évitant créatures kudzu volantes géantes, sautez jusqu'à la dernière plate-forme sur la droite, puis regardez en bas à droite du passage pour voir un signe jaune sur le mur. Sautez et volez dans cette direction pour trouver une salle menant au boulon.

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