Locations: Aridia

Aridia Outpost X11
  • Gold bolts: 4
  • Skill points: 2
  • Infobot found on Novalis


  1. Aridia Outpost X11
  2. Aridia - Saving Skidd McMarx
  3. Aridia - Traversing The Fortress


Skill points

  • Swing it!: Achieve six swings in the factory without touching the ground
  • Transported: Destroy three flying transports

Gold Bolts

  • You need the Swingshot: after you used the Swingshot to get to the room where you got the Trespasser, look down. You will see a platform that is slowly turning counter-clockwise. Jump on it. Go to the middle and the gold bolt is there.
  • (Coming from the main level end game) Before hoping over to Skid McMarx's agent, turn right. From there, jump in the mud and jump back out of it on a little piece of steel on your right. Then jump to the large piece of land in front of you and follow the land to a kind of truck that has the gold bolt on it. Jump and get it.
  • You can use the Bomb Glove: further on from Skid McMarx, you will see a bluish metal grid somewhere that is unbreakable and behind it, a gold bolt. Go to the left on a piece of land after the mud and where the sandsharks and sandshark creators had been when you had to help Skidd, and look on the right. You will see a semi-broken wall, with the bottom-right part open where you can see a little light coming through. Break it with the Bomb Glove and get in the tunnel. The gold bolt is at the end.
  • You need the Magneboots: where Skid McMarx’s agent was, you can see the possibility of climbing the hill on the right using your Magneboots. Some parts of the hill are black magnetic paths. Find the gold bolt on top in a low building, which you can find the entrance to on the side.