Locations: Veldin Orbit

Veldin Orbit
Veldin Orbit Drek's Fleet
  • Gold bolts: 2
  • Skill points: 2
  • Infobot found on Kalebo III


  1. Veldin Orbit - Drek's Fleet
  2. Veldin Orbit - Destroying The Cannons


Skill points

  • Sneaky: Kill all enemies in Hologuise traversal
  • Careful cruise: Complete water traversal without losing any HP

Gold Bolts

  • You need the Hydropack and the O2 Mask: follow the path you needed to take to go get the Codebot (that is, underwater and through the activators that are right under your ship). Do the whole thing with the deactivation of the electricity in the water and continue along the path. But, when you go through the last three rings, instead of going straight, turn back and go right where there is a path you can follow. Go out of the water at the end of it before the countdown ends and you’ve got the gold bolt, or you could do it with out going through the rings by using the hydroboost through the top of the closed door. To get out press the button on the floor and continue to the end.
  • You need the Hologuise (unless you’ve completely finished Drek’s Fleet already), the O2 Mask and the Magneboots: start doing the entire fleet as if you were doing the normal mission. After getting to upside down path (with cannons firing) go to the left and take the path to the space ship. Use the ship to destroy the cannons, once completed you can continue on the path without getting killed. You will be taken to another lift. You will be upside down with lasers and dogs on the roof. Go down path until right side up through door. INSTEAD of continuing on path to next door, turn around and go back into the laser/dog room. Door to gold bolt is on far back and to the right.