Locations: Hoven

Hoven Bomb Factory
  • Gold bolts: 1
  • Skill points: 2
  • Infobot found on Orxon


  1. Hoven - Bomb Factory
  2. Hoven - Hydrodisplacer Puzzle


Skill points

  • Pest control: Kill all anklebiters in the forested section
  • Whirlybirds: Destroy 5 helico with any weapon other than turret

Gold Bolts

  • From your ship, go to the right. When you come upon a line of trees, don’t follow the path, but continue to the right. There is a clearing with many anklebiters and farther you will see a vertical platform moving up and down. You have to jump off the rock wall to the right onto the platform, back to the wall, to the platform, and so on. Basically, you just wall jump up to the gold bolt, but using a moving surface. The gold bolt is at the top.
  • Take the path you need to take when you go to Edwina who sells you the Hydropack. At one point you will have to fill up a large area with water. The water you use to do that can be obtained at three different spots at three different levels. When you are at the second place where you get the water (inside a small cave), look up and you will see a ledge with the gold bolt on it. To get it, fill the entire area with water, and then go underwater. Go to the cave where you took the water for the second time and go up. You will be able to get out of the water onto the ledge with the gold bolt on it.