Locations: Oltanis

Oltanis Gorda City Ruins
  • Gold bolts: 4
  • Skill points: 2
  • Infobot found on Oltanis Orbit


  1. Oltanis - Gorda City Ruins
  2. Oltanis - Gravity Boot Loops


Skill points

  • Shattered glass: Blast all of the streetlights in the city
  • Blast 'em: Destroy three marauding Blarg ships

Gold Bolts

  • You need the Magneboots: when you start, go to the magnetic path and follow the trail. After you eliminate the only electrical robot keep going toward your objective. (The Gadgetron PDA ) Before the 3rd ice track with the electrical currents go to the far end of the ice platform. Grab the ledge with the metal rods sticking out of it (don't jump up to the ice path). Keep ledge grabbing moving to the right, past more metal rods and you eventually see the Gold Bolt. If you miss it after you purchase the Gadgetron PDA, turn around with your back towards Qwark, and you will see it.
  • In the same area as the one above, there is a ledge off to the right side, next to boxes. Jump down and there is the gold bolt. You will see the gold bolt as you go into this area.
  • You need the Swingshot: Follow the path which leads down the rubble and into a small street area. Continue through the waves of enemies until you reach a grindrail. Ride the grindrail to the platform below and defeat all of the robots. When you are finished, you will see a green Swingshot versa-target in a building to the right further down the path. Use your Swingshot to reach the ledge and grab the gold bolt.
  • You need the Swingshot: this is the hardest Swingshot course of the game. To get this bolt, you need to finish the planet first. Once that is done, a bomber will shoot a missile at the statue that was on the large platform near your ship. The statue will explode and there will be an activator button there. Press it and versa-targets will appear. Follow the course and take your time. On the first straight using the Swingshot, one of the targets is farther away than the others, so you have to go a bit higher than normally before letting go to successfully hook on to it. Then, a lot of Swingshot targets have something under them that keep them moving. Just Swingshot to them when they are close enough, and when Ratchet lets go, press circle again to keep hooked. Sometimes you’ll have to keep swinging on the same target waiting for the right time to hook on the next one. With a little practice, it should be fine and at the end, the last versa-target takes you to the gold bolt. Alternatively, you can swing on the first target in the direction the bolt. When you get a high enough swing, fly towards the final platform and spam the circle button. You should just be within range to grab the final target. -Side note. if you head to the small street area once you have the swingshots activated if you looked towards the gold bolt then look up and wait, one of the ships will fly by and you can hook onto it and make your life much easier.