Locations: Nebula G34

Nebula G34
Nebula G34 Blarg Tactical Research Station
  • Gold bolts: 2
  • Skill points: 1
  • Infobot found on Kerwan


  1. Nebula G34 - Blarg Station
  2. Nebula G34 - Clank In Space
  3. Nebula G34 - The Warship
  4. Nebula G34 - The Warship's Self Destruction


Skill points

  • Girl trouble: Beat the Alien Queen using your wrench only

Gold Bolts

  • You need the Helipack: kill all the enemies in the circular room with the Gadgetron vendor and all the small mutant frog-like animals in it and the bigger lizard-looking ones behind them. Then, go right from the entrance of the room and do a boost jump (R1+Cross) to get on an upper platform. Go straight ahead into a new room, kill all of the other Alien Swarmers there, and get the gold bolt behind them.
  • You need the O2 Mask: go to the area where you explored with Clank, board the ship using the thin path and then stand on the ledge overlooking all the blue boxes below. Instead of jumping down, jump to the right onto the ledge then walk around the side and find the gold bolt.