Locations: Boldan

Boldan Silver City
  • Platinum Bolts: 3
  • Skill points: 1
  • Nanotech boosts: 1


  1. Boldan - Silver City
  2. Boldan - Surfing the Electric Cables


Skill points

  • No Shocking Developments: Grind the power cable without taking any damage.

Platinum Bolts

  • From your ship, run up the stairs then take the path to the left. Defeat the enemies until you reach a room with two staircases, one on the left and one on the right. Once this room is cleared of enemies, send a Spiderbot up the left staircase, then follow the wall on the right until you reach a glass wall that has a small opening at the bottom. Enter this hole and step on the switch inside, then switch back to Ratchet, take the right staircase, and the wall (on the left side of the area) will now be open.
  • Go past the armor vendor and walk down the wall as per usual. Go through the doors at the bottom of the wall and follow the winding path. You should come to a clearing with a handful of enemies and a large amount of crates. Go up the elevator to the point where there is a Swingshot and enemies on the other side. Look down and to your left. There should be a vacant spot, looking like an elevator, with a platinum bolt there. To get to it, glide from where you are.
  • You must clear the missions in this planet in order to get this one. Go to the area where Ratchet and Clank were captured. Use your SwingShot to reach the upper level and the platinum bolt should be there.

Nanotech Boosts

  • At the beginning of the main road, there is a room with two possible paths, one on the left and one on the right. Go to the right. The nanotech boost is located on the top of a fountain.

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