Locations: Todano

Todano MegaCorp armory
  • Platinum Bolts: 3
  • Skill points: 3
  • Nanotech boosts: 1


  1. Todano - Megacorp Armory
  2. Todano - Megacorp Armory Interior


Skill points

  • Nothing To See Here: Destroy the 4 MegaCorp rockets shown at the beginning of the tour.
  • You're My Hero: Save all 10 tourists from the squirrels' attacks.
  • Try To Sleep: Turn 16 squirrels into sheep using the Sheepinator.

Platinum Bolts

  • Follow the Fizzwidget robot. At the end will be a small building that has the platinum bolt.
  • In the room with an inspector bot, and two tractor columns and two force fields, use the column to block the force fields and tractor the inspector bot onto the pad. Then get in between the force fields and pull the columns into the middle with you. (Not necessary if you've completed all the missions, the force fields are deactivated). Use them as stairs to reach an opening above. Follow the path until you reach the Qwark Fan-Boy. The platinum bolt is inside the building next to him.
  • Spiderbot Required: At the next point that requires an inspector bot scan (right after the elevator), move the tractor beam column next to the conveyor belt on the right wall. On the end of the conveyor belt there is a small air duct. Send a spiderbot into the vent and follow it until you reach a floor switch. Hit it then return to Ratchet. Double-Jump up to the conveyor belt above the one you're on. Go to the end of this belt and enter the small room to get the platinum bolt.

Nanotech Boosts

  • Once you enter the missile silo, on the left of the second door, an infiltrator puzzle is accessible. Solve it to activate an elevator that will bring you next to the nanotech boost.

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