Locations: Siberius

Siberius Frozen base
  • Platinum Bolts: 2
  • Skill points: 1


  1. Siberius - Frozen Base
  2. Siberius - The Thief


Skill points

  • You Can Break A Snow Dan: Destroy the snowman hidden behind the first building from which enemies spawn.

Platinum Bolts

  • After destroying the first few MSR II's there is a Tractor Beam column just as you get off of the descending elevator. Use the Tractor beam to drag the column with you into the elevator and go up. Take the column with you back to the gap. Place it on the edge of the gap and boost jump to the column, then onto the roof.
  • Return to the entrance to the elevator, but continue straight to the edge rather than entering. Double jump and glide down to the grey roof of a low building across the gap. Drop down into the fenced yard and search to get your reward.

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