Locations: Endako

Endako Megapolis
  • Platinum Bolts: 2
  • Skill points: 2
  • Nanotech boosts: 1


  1. Megapolis - Planet Endako
  2. Endako - Fighting The Thug Leader
  3. Endako - Clank to the Rescue



Skill points

  • Operate Heavy Machinery: Destroy 10 robots with the crane.
  • Destroy All Breakables: Break everything on the planet (lights, boxes, etc...).

Platinum Bolts

  • When you are operating the crane in the area with three rooms, get the metal box in the last room and bring it back into the second room. Drop it to the left of the same wall the camera is mounted on—you can see the side of an elevated door frame. Put a Decoy Down in front of the door to help with positioning. Grab the explosive crate and stack it on top of the metal box to blow the door open. Go there on foot and enter the room to find the platinum bolt.
  • On your way to Clank's apartment you will encounter a Thugs-4-Less helicopter. Go a little bit farther, straight beyond an obvious right turn, to a ledge. Down the ledge is a ladder. Drop down onto the ledge to get your bolt.

Nanotech Boosts

  • In the second room where the crane must be used, a door can be opened using the Infiltrator. Hack the lock to access the nanotech boost.

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