Locations: Damosel

Damosel Allgon City
  • Platinum Bolts: 2
  • Skill points: 2


  1. Damosel - Allgon City
  2. Damosel - Riding the Train Tracks


Skill points

  • Safety Deposit: Protect the civilians from the robots in the bank area.
  • Midtown Insanity: Grind the train rails without taking any damage.

Platinum Bolts

  • To get this one you must go to the bank near the water fountain. Freeze the water and grind across it to get to the bolt. A taxi will be there so you will be able to return.
  • Requires Hypnomatic: Once you get to the Megacorp Pyramid, use the Hypnomatic on the robot on the top. Lead the robot to the front wall of the pyramid (jumping down the ground leve), which is the opposite side of the Megacorp-M. Detonate it in the middle of the wall where you can see the outline of the destroyable section. It will be inside.

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