Locations: Snivelak

Snivelak Thugs-4-Less Headquarters
  • Platinum Bolts: 1
  • Skill points: 1
  • Nanotech boosts: 1


  1. Snivelak - Thug HQ
  2. Snivelak - The Thug Leader's Giganto Mech


Skill points

  • Moving Violation: Shoot down 14 ships.

Platinum Bolts

  • At the beginning of the bridge with the Armor and Weapon vendors, face away from the bridge and look to your left to see several dynamo targets, jump and glide down to the platform under them. Use the Dynamo as you jump continuously on the platforms to reach the bolt. If you have not obtained this bolt before going into challenge mode you can use the first-person mode wall climb. (Double Jump at wall in first person mode then press square repeatedly to go up the wall)

Nanotech Boosts

  • To reach the final nanotech boost, you need to land on the roof of the building that comes right after the first Swingshot orbs.

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