Locations: Joba

Joba MegaCorp games
  • Platinum Bolts: 2
  • Skill points: 4
  • Nanotech boosts: 2


  1. Joba - Megacorp Games
  2. Joba - Infiltrator Puzzle


Skill points

  • That's Impossible: Beat the "Impossible challenge" in the MegaCorp games.
  • How Fast Was That?: Get a time of 2:27 or less in the hoverbike race.
  • Wrench Ninja II: Massacre: Kill all enemies on Joba (outside of the arena) using only your Omniwrench 8000.
  • Bye Bye Birdies: Kill 12 birds.

Platinum Bolts

  • Take the main path until you come to the first area with a turret gun. Past this section will be a small building. Once you go through it and return outside, look to the right and you will see a Swingshot target. Double jump to hook onto it, then follow the path and kill the enemies until you reach a door. Step on the switch in front, or go to the left of it and jump through the window, to get to the bolt.
  • Continue on the main path until you reach the Levitator. Fly straight up to the tall tower on the left to reach the bolt.

Nanotech Boosts

  • Starting from the third challenge of the Hoverbike races, all shortcuts are opened. This allows to access the first secret area where the nanotech boost is located just after the turn following the first turbo.
  • A nanotech boost can be seen behind a glass door after crossing the bridge located near the start of the level. To reach it, you need to activate the dynamo device to the right of the tunnel entrance leading to that glass door. Once activated, you only have a few seconds to cross the bridge thus it is recommended to remove all enemies from the area beforehand.

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